Adam Green Art Advisory is a full-service art advisory that provides a range of services to new and experienced collectors including art acquisitions and collection strategies.

Art Acquisitions

Adam advises new clients through a discovery process to identify artists for consideration for their collection. He leverages his relationships with galleries across the world to obtain access to high-quality artworks by coveted artists on the primary market for new and existing collectors.  

Private Sales

Through a vast network of collectors, dealers, galleries and traders, Adam discretely brokers private transactions on behalf of clients, including artworks by highly coveted emerging artists as well as artworks by established, blue-chip artists.

Appraisal Services

As art prices fluctuate frequently, it is imperative to regularly update insurance values. As a certified member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), Adam provides appraisal services for his clients for insurance, charitable donations and estate settlements.  

Collection Management

Adam assists collectors on all collection management activities including, but not limited to: transit, installation, storage, insurance, appraisals, museum loans, and artwork gifting.

Auction House Negotiation

Leveraging nearly a decade of auction house experience, Adam consults clients on consignment negotiations, including guarantees, enhanced hammers and third party guarantees.

Market Research

Adam offers market research on artists including auction results, exhibition history, private sales and upcoming events that may impact the artist's market.